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Germany to deliver BIBER bridge-laying Tanks

Ukraine’s stockpile of Western weaponry is set to grow again as Germany plans to deliver amphibious tanks to Ukrainian troops, who are continuing to fight off Russia’s invasion. On Friday, Germany’s Federal Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht announced that the government will deliver 16 BIBER tanks to Ukraine in the fall.

BIBER tanks are armored bridge-laying machines that can be used to help Ukrainian forces cross ravines, ditches or other terrain obstacles that may be up to 20 meters wide. Six of these tanks will be delivered in the fall.The other ten countries will follow in 2023.

With the BIBER, the Ukrainian troops can overcome water or obstacles in battle. The package includes sixteen armored bridge-laying vehicles as well as transport, repair, and training. The package of military aid is the latest in a series of donations from one of Ukraine’s Western allies.

Earlier, Germany sent three Mars II MLRS to Ukraine. Ten PzH 200 self-propelled howitzers and five Gepard armored fighting vehicles are already in Ukraine. Last week, the White House announced that the US would send four more HIMARS missile systems to Ukraine as part of its latest round of security assistance. This brings Ukraine’s HIMARS count to 16.