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Russia reels under staggering loss of army leadership

This is not how Putin thought his campaign to change Ukraine’s regime would go. By now, his able army should have replaced Zelensky with a puppet government. However, the Ukranian people had other designs.

After losing the bid to take over Kyiv, Russia focused on the south and east. Learning from their previous blunders, they slowly, methodically and with no regard for human life, bombed their way to claw villages and cities.

Right when Russia was getting its stride and was gaining territory, the calculus changed again. With the arrival of HIMARS from US, Ukraine started strategically attacking Russian ammo depot and its command centers.

While ammo depots are critical, they can be replaced. Something a lot more crucial is being lost by Russia by the hundreds. Ever since the war began Russia has lost a staggering number of generals, lieutenants and captains. The loss has accelerated the past couple of weeks.

Russia is scraping the bottom of the barrel for soldiers and is hiring untrained convicts to fight. Without good leadership, the chances of these pseudo-soldiers in war go from bad to worse. Russia depends on direct leadership close to the battles to keep its momentum. But with the leadership being killed at a rapid place, it is only a matter of time before Russia loses steam.

We cannot count out Russia yet and they might come up with some more horrific way to take Ukraine, but for now it sure looks like the snake’s head is cut off and all we see is the writhing body of pseudo-soldiers.