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Israeli Anchor Reads News of Channel Closing Live on Air, Breaks Down

Anchor Breaks Down on Live TV After Finding Out the Channel is Being Shut

A screen grab of Channel 1 anchor Geula Even breaking down live on camera

An Israeli news anchor broke down live on air after she found out that her channel was being shut down while reading the news.

In a video that has since gone viral, Channel 1 news anchor Geula Even can be seen becoming emotional as she read the news that the channel was being shut down.

The Daily Mail reported that Channel 1 news aired its last episode on Tuesday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suddenly decided announced his decision to to shut it down.

According to reports, Netanyahu said the shutdown of the struggling state-run broadcaster is part of
reforms to create a new replacement organization. However, this explanation has not been bought by staffers and opposition lawmakers who have accused Netanyahu of trying to control the media ‘like Trump’.

The state-run Israel Broadcasting Authority was notified an hour before Tuesday’s broadcast that ‘Mabat LaHadashot’ (A glance at the news) was to be shut down. The show had been on-air for 49 years.

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The program was canceled ahead of the long-anticipated launch of a new public broadcaster, which Netanyahu has stripped of its news division. A separate entity will broadcast current events instead.

The launch of the new broadcasting entity has been postponed multiple times and is currently slated for May 15.

First Published: May 11, 2017, 8:21 PM IST

Source: News18