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Deafening Silence from US Leaders after terrorist attack on US Indians

By now most of you must have heard that 2 Indians living in the US have been shot by a domestic terrorist. The terrorist Adam W. Purinton yelled “Get out of my country” and shot Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani at a bar killing Mr. Kuchibhotla and injuring Mr.Madasani.

While this hate crime itself is shocking, it is the silence from the leaders in USA which is even more shocking. Attacks on other minorities or majorities usually invoke a major outside from all sides of the political spectrum. Why no outcry for this terrorist attack? Are minorities considered expendable? To take a page from the struggle of afrian american brothers and sisters, Do brown lives not matter? Do Asian live not matter?

Hateful words bred this act and we need inclusive words to prevent future attacks. Please contact your representative and ask them to condemn this hate crime in the strongest words.