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US Condemns Kabul Terror Attack, Reaffirms Its Commitment

Washington: The Trump administration has condemned the terrorist attack in Kabul and has reaffirmed its commitment to bring stability to the war-torn country.

US defence secretary James Mattis called Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and condoled the death of 19 people who were killed in a suicide attack at the Supreme Court in the Afghan capital of Kabul, yesterday.

National Security Advisor Gen (retd) Michael Flynn also called his Afghan counterpart. “We have our eyes on Kabul today, following the tragic suicide bombing that killed at least 19 Afghan civilians and wounded 14,” the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at his daily news conference.

This morning, he said, General (retd) Michael Flynn spoke with the Afghan national security adviser to reaffirm America’s continued support to Afghanistan and the strategic partnership between the two countries.

“We condemn this cowardly attack in the strong as possible terms, and we commend the Afghan security forces for their rapid response,” he said.
“We also reaffirmed our support for the Afghan government as they work to defend their people and against enemies of peace,” Spicer said.

US Defense Secretary Gen (retd) Jim Mattis called President Ashraf Ghani to reiterate his commitment to Afghanistan and emphasised on stability of the country.

During the phone call, Mattis and Ghani discussed the enduring US-Afghan security relationship, said the Pentagon Spokesman Capt Jeff Davis. Mattis thanked Ghani for his leadership and emphasised the importance of the government of national unity to the stability of Afghanistan, Davis said.

“President Ghani affirmed his commitment to reforms, especially eliminating corruption, and highlighted the importance of a sustained US-Afghan relationship for the security of Afghanistan and the region,” he said.

“In light of the recent attacks, including today’s attack against the Afghan Supreme Court, Secretary Mattis offered his condolences for the sacrifices of the Afghan people and commended President Ghani’s unwavering commitment in the face of the enemy,” Davis said.

Both Mattis and Ghani expressed their desire to maintain a strong relationship, and look forward to engage again in the near future.

Source: News18