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Donald Trump Accuses Obama of Derailing Smooth Transition of Power

File image of Donald Trump. (Image: PTI)

Washington: US President-elect Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of derailing a smooth transition of power with “inflammatory” statements and “roadblocks”, intensifying his tirade against the outgoing President.

Trump made this accusation in a tweet, but did not give any details about it.

It is believed that he was apparently referring to the some of the policy decisions, including those related to Israel being taken by the outgoing Obama Administration.

“Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition – NOT!” Trump said in a tweet.

Later the President-elect told reporters in Florida that he spoke over phone with Obama, who is currently on his annual vacation in Hawaii.”He phoned me. We had a very nice conversation,” he said.

“Did you bring up any of your concerns about these roadblocks?” he was asked. “We had a general conversation. I think the secretary’s speech really spoke for itself. But we had a very general conversation; very, very nice. Appreciated that he called me,” Trump said.

Trump has responded on Twitter in recent days to an interview in which Obama had said he was confident he could have beaten Trump if he were able to run for a third term.

Trump said he has “NOT” had a smooth transition to the office. Trump’s public spat with Obama is not his first with an American president since his election. He also recently got in a back-and-forth with Bill Clinton after the former president told a local newspaper that Trump “doesn’t really know much.”

Source: News18