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Malaysia arrests former aide to ex-premier Najib Razak over 1MDB scandal

Malaysian authorities have arrested a former aide to ex-premier Najib Razak after reopening an investigation into the 1MDB scandal.

State media reported today, the new government, which stormed to a shock victory at elections last month, has revived investigations into the sovereign wealth fund, which were shut down by Najib. Najib, his family and cronies were alleged to have stolen billions of dollars from the investment vehicle in an eye-watering fraud that stretched around the globe.

Disgust at the allegations -denied by Najib and 1MDB – was a major factor in his coalition’s poll defeat.

The 42-year-old aide, whose identity was not disclosed, was arrested yesterday after giving a statement to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. He appeared in court today.

A judge granted the commission’s request for him to be remanded in custody for a week to help with investigations.

Source: AIR