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Qatar introduces national service for women

Qatar is introducing national service for women for the first time while extending the time for conscripted men in the military under a law issued by the country’s Emir.

The state media today said, women aged over 18 will be able to volunteer for national service which comes into immediate affect, while men will now serve a year instead of three months in the military service. The Qatar News Agency said, every Qatari male between 18 and 35 is required to perform a compulsory military service while the national service for females is voluntary. The new law also allows for a National Service Academy to be established and says men must apply for conscription within 60 days of turning 18.

The News agency said, this is the first time that women have been allowed to undertake national service, although they have already served in the military in administrative roles.

The decision to extend the rules surrounding conscription, first introduced in November 2013, comes with Qatar at the centre of deepening diplomatic Gulf crisis, which turned 10 months old today.

Source: AIR