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7 gadgets that become almost redundant if you have a smartphone

New Delhi: Smartphones have really made our lives smart. The modern-day smartphones have become so efficient that they can take care of a number of utilities.

Let’s have a look at seven gadgets that becomes almost redundant if you have a smartphone.


When was the last time that you took out your calculator to do some heavy calculation? If you are not into high level equations, the smartphone calculator is more than enough to do your work.


Well this gadget has a debatable use. But the foray of smartphones has really lessened the use of traditional watches. If it is just about checking the time, your smartphone is good to go. Though, it must be pointed that smartwatches are doing the reverse. But then they are not just watches, are they?

Alarm Clock

From getting up for the early morning to going office everyday – it was the alarm clock that took care of your schedule. But the humble alarm clock is more or less getting replaced by the smartphone.

Digital Dairy

We don’t think anyone keeps a digital dairy to maintain the record of phone numbers now a days. The smartphone not only takes care of phone numbers, it syncronises a lot of digital details like mail and even social media address of your contacts.


The portable music players are becoming lesser in usage due to smartphones. Now a days smartphones come with such heavy storage that you can save hundreds of songs on it.

Portable Gaming Console

Online gaming has become so much easier due to smartphones. The portable gaming consoles are more becoming like thing of the past. Infact several gaming companies are now coming up with games especially customised for smartphones.

Digital camera

Well this might not be true for professional photographer, but if you a photography enthusiast, you can do a lot with smartphones. They come with a lot of functions that are available on a simple digital camera.

Source: Zee News