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iPhone 14 Pro models are still seeing high demand than 13 Pro: Report

New Delhi: Tech giant Apple’s next-generation iPhone 14 Pro models are still seeing high demand as compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, says a new report. According to a product availability tracker claims, the demand for the iPhone 14 appears to be lower than it was for the iPhone 13, but there are some positive signs for the iPhone 14 Plus, reports AppleInsider.

In the fourth week, Sunday’s Apple Product Availability Tracker by analysts at JP Morgan saw a similar situation to one week prior, with strong demand for the Pro models, and weak for the non-Pro, the report said. However, the silver lining for the iPhone 14 is the iPhone 14 Plus. (Also Read: Flipkart Dussehra Sale on October 5: Get iPhone 13 at lowest price, check out THESE deals)

Overall, the at-home delivery times for the iPhone 14, Pro, and Pro Max averaged across all regions at 2 days, 33 days, and 40 days respectively. In the US, the iPhone 14 is stable at 4 days, with the Plus seemingly tracking to its first available date. These are “less favorable” relative to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini at this stage, at 14 and 20 days respectively. (Also Read: Have you sent money to wrong account? Don’t worry! Here’s HOW to get it back)

The Pro and Pro Max are seeing a modest increase in their lead times, to 32 days and 39 days, as per the report.

Source: Zee News