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Shocking! Flipkart customer orders laptop, gets Ghadi detergent bars

New Delhi: E-commerce platform Flipkart’s festive sale is going on. The company offers a tempting deal in the ongoing sale. But what happens when one ordered a laptop and received some Ghadi detergent bars? Sounding unbelievable? But yes, it is right.

Wondering to know where and with whom the incident happened? Here’s the answer to your curiosity. After several of the e-commerce company’s customers complained that they had not received the items they ordered during the Big Billion Days event, Flipkart lately found itself in a pickle. (Also Read: Some Samsung Galaxy S22 users not receiving messages after September update: Here’s all you want to know)

In this instance, a buyer who had bought a laptop for his father instead received some Ghadi detergent bars, much to his great surprise. (Also Read: Amazon app quiz today, September 28, 2022: To win Rs 2500, here are the answers)

On Tuesday, Flipkart responded to the backlash it had been receiving on social media as the Big Billion Days sale gaffes began to accumulate. The e-commerce company has detected the problem, according to a statement from Flipkart, and has taken action against the “errant party.”

“As a company that prioritises its customers, Flipkart follows a zero-tolerance policy for any occurrences that erode customer confidence. For us, providing our clients with the finest online purchasing experience is of the utmost importance, Flipkart said.

The client, who went by the name Yashaswi Sharma, said in a LinkedIn post that his father made a mistake by not understanding the idea of “open-box delivery.”

According to Yashaswi Sharma, his father believed that the OTP should be given to the delivery agent once the box has been delivered. My father made the mistake of assuming the box, which came from a Flipkart-verified vendor, would include a laptop rather than laundry detergent. He questioned, “Why wasn’t the delivery lad able to explain the open box concept to the receiver before asking for the OTP?

“In this unique situation that offered an Open Box Delivery option, the consumer shared the OTP with the delivery professional without opening the item,” Flipkart stated in a statement.

“Our customer support staff initiated a refund that will be credited within 3–4 working days once the incident’s specifics were validated. Flipkart stated, “We have determined the problem and have also started taking action against the offending party.

Source: Zee News