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WhatsApp Latest Update: Companion mode feature to allow using one account on up to 4 devices

WhatsApp users will soon be able to use their accounts on multiple devices. Those who use WhatsApp are aware that, unlike Telegram, WhatsApp doesn’t allow operating a single account on multiple mobile devices. As of now, a user can operate the account on a smartphone and on a laptop/desktop simultaneously. However, users are not allowed to operate WhatsApp simultaneously on two mobile devices – like two different smartphones or one smartphone and one tablet or two tablets at once.

However, now WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that would bring relief to many users for whom WhatsApp is a go-to messaging platform. There are over two billion active WhatsApp users and sometimes they want to use their account on two mobile devices. According to the WABetaInfo site that tracks all WhatsApp-related developments, the instant messaging platform can soon be used on two mobile devices, i.e. a smartphone and a tablet.

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WhatsApp has now rolled out a particular version to some beta users as a trial where they are allowed to link their WhatsApp account to an Android tablet. Some beta users have been using WhatsApp on two mobile devices through the companion mode feature and now they can link their Android tablet to WhatsApp as well, thus using four devices at once including the laptop.

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If you want to link a WhatsApp account to an Android tablet, you will have to go to WhatsApp Settings, then to Linked Devices and then scan the QR code using your primary device. Once scanning loads, your chats will sync between these devices. According to the report, even if your primary mobile device is an iPhone, you can still link your WhatsApp account to an Android tablet.

Source: Zee News