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iPhone 14 car crash: YouTuber performs car accident to test crash feature

New Delhi: Apple just released the new iPhone 14 phones. The crash detection feature is one of the features highlighted for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. If it detects an accident involving the car in which the user is traveling, the features will alert and automatically dial emergency calls. To demonstrate how the feature works, a YouTuber staged a car crash. TechRax, a YouTuber, strapped the new iPhone 14 Pro to the front seat headrest of a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis sedan and crashed it into a pile of old cars.

Apple’s new feature is supposed to activate only when the device detects a car crash. This TechRax planned an entire car accident. He staged the crash in a remote-controlled car in a remote location. What’s more, guess what? The new iPhone 14 Pro did detect the car accident and dialled 911. The YouTuber can be seen crashing the car twice in his video. The crash had a light impact in the first round. He crashed the car at a higher speed in the next round.

The crash detection feature was activated within 10 seconds of the accident during the experiment. After detecting the crash, the iPhone 14 Pro triggered an alarm with a flash alert to notify the user of the incident. An emergency slider appeared on the screen, allowing users to request assistance or dismiss the alert. After that, the device waited 20 seconds for a response from the user before automatically calling emergency services.

In the iPhone 14 series, Apple is using new sensors that can detect 256F force. The pressure created by a crash is recorded by an inbuilt high-dynamic range gyroscope and a new dual-core accelerometer. While the user is driving, it processes the data and connects the device to an emergency SOS service in the event of an accident. The feature of crash detection is also enabled in the recently released Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra, which has similar sensors.

Users of the iPhone 14 can also configure their Medical IDs on the phone. This allows the phone to display a Medical ID slider, which assists first responders in accessing medical information.

Apple has also stated that the iPhone 14 Crash Detection is compatible with the majority of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. However, if you are involved in a bike accident, the feature may not be useful. On the iPhone 14 series and the most recent Apple Watch models, the feature is enabled by default (excluding the Watch SE).

Source: Zee News