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Psifiako’s No One Cares is spreading smiles through social media

Social media has become a necessary daily activity in most of our lives. We are exposed to a variety of content floating on different pages online but few communities or social media pages will always remain special to us. No one cares is one such community that is getting love from all across the world for its thoughtful and positive content. It is an ever-increasing international platform founded by two very young boys Satyam Shastri and Nikhil Kale. It aims to serve the smiles on people’s faces through its unique content on social media. Psifiako Media is India’s first company that has more than 60 million social media followers. The platform is famous among the youngsters as it produces content that youth can relate to on day to day basis. It focuses on putting motivational content on its platform to cheer up people.

Everyone should be extra careful before consuming content on the internet and differentiate between good and bad content. There are communities that just spread hate and discrimination amongst people. We need to be extra careful with such negativity and take social media only for positive content just like No One Cares.

Psifiako Media is the powerhouse of viral content distributed across social media for youth. With the increasing population, life problems are also increasing and we often hear a lot of depression stories around us. Today’s youth go through problems like breakups, betrayals, depression, and many more such issues that they have to face. “We want to make them consume our content which shares positivity, smile, and laughter. Hopefully, many youths are being benefited through us and they are changing. In the future, we will change the mindset of many youths toward their lovely life and career. We want everyone to live a life of peace and that’s our vision” says Satyam Shastri, Co-founder, Psifiako Media

Source: Zee News