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WhatsApp’s new catalog feature helps you find out who left group chats

New Delhi: Group discussions are one of the recent new features for WhatsApp`s toolkit that have seen a major development. According to Mashable, the site also debuted Communities, a brand-new way to connect with individuals who share your interests and raised the maximum number of participants in group talks from 100 to 512.

Administrators and users reportedly want to keep track of those who have lately left the chat in such large groups. Since WhatsApp is beta-testing a function, you are not forced to rely on hunches or ask around. (ALSO READ: FPIs buy shares worth Rs 14,000 crore in a week amid softening dollar index)


The group managers and members of WhatsApp`s iPhone beta version may see who left the group or was removed from it within the last 60 days (via WABetaInfo). Under the list of current participants on the “Group information” page, a new option called “See Past Participants” is now accessible. (ALSO READ: Anand Mahindra compares ‘out of stock’ Taj Mahal with White House Lego sets, says ‘Brand Values’)

There is also a separate search box for the list of banned users, which might be helpful for lengthy chats where people often leave and rejoin. The feature may also be helpful for small businesses who use WhatsApp groups for internal communication or client involvement.

Additionally, the present system for notifying the chat when a participant leaves or gets booted is being abandoned. Only admins will be notified of such incidents through in-chat; this may be done to speed up moderation. The names of the group members who have left will thus only be included in the list of “Past Participants”.

The software is cross-platform, we believe it should be released for Android and desktop as soon as possible. For iOS users that are a part of WhatsApp TestFlight, the feature has already begun to roll out, as reported by Mashable.

A recent observation of WhatsApp testing an Android capability that would enable group administrators to assist with content filtering by deleting messages.

Source: Zee News