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New iPhone 8 leaks reveal large display, rear Touch ID

New York: With each passing month, the details on Apple`s 2017 iPhone are becoming clearer and if the latest leaks are to be believed, this year`s device will have an all-display front with fingerprint scanner moved to the back.

According to a new revelation by Chinese site iPhoneros, the iPhone 8 will compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 displays with an elongated 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen.

The move makes sense as this aspect ratio allows manufacturers to increase the size of a smartphone display while keeping it narrow enough to hold one-handed and still use the keyboard comfortably.

However, for this, the app makers will have to redesign their user interfaces while navigation at the top of the display (like the back button in iOS) becomes harder to reach.

The handful of images also showed the upcoming iPhone 8 with rear-placed Touch ID placed directly below the Apple logo.

The placement matches earlier leaked drawings, showing the vertical camera design, camera flash placement, among other design information.

As for the legitimacy of these leaks, iPhoneros claimed that the pictures that came from a Chinese source have provided correct images in the past and “never sent us false information.”

Source: Zee News