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iOS 16: iPhone users in India can now distinguish between spam and helpful messages with 12 filters

New Delhi; Indian iPhone owners will be able to distinguish between spam and helpful texts thanks to a new feature in iOS 16, according to a statement from Apple. Apple has upgraded its SMS filters by including 12 extra filters for spam messages. This update was created especially for iPhone users in India.

There will be 12 sub-categories, including ones for credit or debit cards, bill payment, money, government services, network providers, healthcare, and online orders, claims the report. Additionally, there will be the ones that are already in place, such as Transactions and Promotions. Read More: WhatsApp Users Alert! WhatsApp can now track women’s menstrual cycle via period tracker chatbot

Additionally, iPhone users will be able to swiftly and easily add cinema or rail tickets from their messages to their Apple Wallet accounts or calendars. It is significant to remember that Apple will supposedly release a new software update in September that offers a wide range of features. Read More: Gmail access without internet? Here’s how Google allows you to do it

iOS 16 has undergone extensive upgrades from the company, including alerts, lock screen widgets, and more, giving it an entirely redesigned overhaul. Users will be able to edit texts they’ve sent using iMessage within 15 minutes.

Along with the introduction of the iPhone 14 series, the upcoming flagship smartphone lineup, iOS 16’s final public release is anticipated to take place in September. Beta testing of the upgrade is currently accessible.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022 earlier this month, Apple unveiled the next iOS 16, which will include numerous significant upgrades and some fantastic picture editing features. Apple presented their eagerly anticipated “iOS 16” during the WWDC 2022 Grand Event, which will be made available to all users at the September Launch Event.

Numerous improvements are coming with iOS 16 for users. The “Copy-Paste Photo Adjustments” function, which will allow users to copy the edits made to one image and paste them onto another image, is the key feature that is attracting a lot of attention. Every alteration made to the image, including texts and all applied effects, can be copied.

According to Mashable, in order to use this Photo App improvement, a user only needs to click on the three dots that are listed above the altered image, select “Copy Edits,” and then click on “Paste Edits” to transfer all of the filters and text that have been applied to it to another image. Many people will find this iOS 16 update to be quite helpful because it will make picture editing quicker.

Source: Zee News