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Man dropped iPhone into river 10 months ago, gets back in good shape

New Delhi: Imagine losing a phone in a river 10 months ago and discovering it in tip top shape. Isn’t it unbelievable? It’s not a fabrication of our imagination, but an actual story. A man from the United Kingdom had dropped his iPhone in a river ten months before. With no hope of ever finding it again, he moved on, but one day he received word that his missing phone had been found.

According to the BBC, during a bachelor party in August 2021, UK-based Owain Davies threw his iPhone into the River Wye near Cinderford, Gloucestershire (UK). He probably returned home with the notion that he would never recover the phone again. Then, almost ten months later, he was called by Miguel Pacheco, who had gone canoeing on the same river with his family. He spotted Davies’ iPhone while canoeing and recovered the lost device from the river. After drying the phone, he wrote about it on Facebook in order to discover the owner. “It didn’t sit well with me. It was filled with water “, he told the BBC. Read More: Is FASTag smartwatch scam a reality? Paytm, NPCI clarify

Despite knowing that the phone would most likely not restart, he attempted to dry it because he suspected it contained “sentimental” information. “I know if I lost my phone, I have a lot of images of my kids, and I know I’d want it back,” he said. Read More: Garena Free Fire redeem codes for today, 26 June: Check steps to redeem

However, when he turned on the device, he couldn’t believe what he saw. When he turned on the phone, it began to draw power from the charger and displayed a screensaver of a man and lady with the date 13 August; the day the phone had fallen into the river. Pacheco’s Facebook post about the stolen iPhone was shared 4000 times, but Davies was not on social media. His pals, on the other hand, recognised the phone and assisted Davies in making contact with Pacheco.

“I was in a two-man boat with a buddy who maybe shouldn’t have stood up, and we fell in.” Davies told the BBC, “The phone was in my back pocket, and as soon as it was in the water, I realised it was gone.” He was particularly amazed by Pacheco’s efforts on behalf of his phone.

The iPhones released in recent years have all been IP68 rated, which indicates they can withstand up to 1.5 metres of fresh water for 30 minutes, but this is a rare occurrence.

Source: Zee News