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iPhone 14’s selfie camera may cost more than iPhone 13, check other features and more

New Delhi: On the back, Apple iPhones have a fantastic camera setup. The iPhone’s rear camera has been improving year after year thanks to Optical Image Stabilization and other software enhancements. While Apple has been quick to enhance its rear camera, it has been sluggish to change its front camera. Today, the company’s latest iPhone includes a 12MP selfie camera, but it lacks a number of features. However, Apple now plans to place equal importance on its selfie camera as it does on its rear camera.

The news comes from South Korea, where Apple is said to have hired LG’s Innotek to build its selfie cameras. The rear cameras will be created by a South Korean company, while the front cameras will be made by an undisclosed Chinese company and Sharp of Japan.

Apple has decided to use LG’s Innotek to make selfie cameras for its upcoming iPhone 14 due to multiple quality issues. This will be the first time a South Korean company has produced Apple’s selfie cameras. Also, the decision to join Innotek was made with the iPhone 15 in mind. However, the aforementioned quality issues appear to be inescapable, and as a result, the iPhone 14 series will now have Innotek cameras.

Sharp, a Japanese company, will continue to make iPhone selfie cameras. Only the mysterious Chinese manufacturer is no longer in the game. Furthermore, since Apple became a Korean manufacturer, the cost of producing a selfie camera has increased thrice. Earlier, when Chinese manufacturers got on board, the cost of producing a selfie camera was only one-third that of a back camera.

With the new selfie camera maker on board, AutoFocus will be available on the front camera. Optical Image Stabilization, for example, could be added to the front lens. While the features appear appealing, they should be taken with a grain of salt until Apple confirms them.

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Source: Zee News