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We are “Commie as F**k”: Elon Musk reacts to Twitter employee’s leaked video

New Delhi: Amidst spar of words online with Twitter executive and more prominently Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal and Elon Musk, a new leaked video has become viral online where an employee of the microblogging site is heard saying that the employees are “commies”.

The Twitter employee in the said video has openly admitted that the Twitter does not follow ‘freedom of speech’. The person, Siru Murugesan, purportedly a senior engineer at Twitter, is heard saying in the video how he is ok with Elon’s Musk’s proposed takeover, however his colleagues ‘hate’ it because they are super ‘left, left, left…’.

Murugesan was heard as saying in another Project Veritas video that Twitter’s culture is extremely far left where workers “hate, hate, hate” Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover.

The viral video has been shared by a Journalist Benny Johnson.

Though Twitter has not yet made any official comments on the video, it has apparently asked its employees to exercise constraint while speaking publicly or privately or during an internal conversation. Elon Musk has questioned the document in his comment, asking if the document is authentic or not.

Musk opened a Twitter war against CEO Parag Agrawal over the actual number of bots or fake accounts on the platform. On Tuesday, he clearly stated that the “deal will not move forward” unless Agrawal reveals the exact number.

Musk has vowed for “free speech” as well as to “defeat the spam bots” and “authenticate all humans”.

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