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iOS 15.4 Update: Face ID unlocking with a mask on becomes a reality, know other features

New Delhi: Apple iPhone users will soon be able to unlock their smartphones even when wearing a mask with an upgraded Face ID feature. According to a report by MacRumors, Apple has added a new feature designed to allow Face ID to be used with a mask in the iOS 15.4 beta update. Users don’t need to rely on Apple Watch for authentication.

Apple said that the feature can “recognise the unique features around the eye” for authentication purposes, allowing users to unlock devices even while wearing a mask on the face.

However, users will have to rescan their face for Face ID to use the new feature during setup. Once the setup is complete, Face ID will be able to unlock iPhone devices even when you’re wearing a mask.

Users can visit the “Use Face ID with a Mask” toggle in the Settings app to turn on or off the feature. Moreover, there’s is also a new feature in iOS 15.4 beta to “Add Glasses” to make Face ID more accurate when you’re wearing glasses and a mask at the same time.

However, Apple is informing the users in the settings app itself that Face ID is “most accurate” when it’s set up for full-face recognition only. If you’re wearing a mask, you will need to look directly at your device to get it unlocked via Face ID. 

Users can use the Face ID with a mask to authenticate Apple Pay payments. Face ID with a mask on can also be used in lieu of a login and password in apps supporting Face ID, unlike the prior Apple Watch Face ID feature. Also Read: Google to invest $1 billion in Airtel; pick up 1.28% stake for $700 million

According to the media report, the Face ID with a mask feature requires an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 model. The report added that the feature is not available for users who have the iPhone 11 at this time. Also Read: Kotak Mahindra Bank customers, alert! Your debit card won’t work for few hours next week, check timings

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