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WhatsApp Scam: Man avoids fraud by asking THIS question

New Delhi: WhatsApp scams have increased dramatically in recent years, and scammers now have the ability to steal your personal information and bank account balance in a matter of seconds.

Scammers impersonating family members or friends send deceptive messages on the app almost every day, costing consumers tens of thousands of dollars.

As a result, authorities and private companies regularly issue advisories to warn mobile phone users about cybercriminals.

A little mental acuity, on the other hand, can trump practically any clever approach used by scammers. A man recently demonstrated this by avoiding a £900 (Rs 91,000) fine by asking one brilliant question.

Michael Griffiths received texts from someone posing as his stepdaughter and asking for money.

After a few discussions, Michael’s single inquiry stunned the scammer, who hastily exited the conversation without responding.

The scammer pretended to be Sophie, Michael’s stepdaughter, and said she had misplaced her phone and was using an ‘old number.’ It didn’t take long for the person to start begging Michael for money.

When Michael questioned if her stepdaughter’s mother should contact the ‘lost phone’ to locate it after the scammer demanded £900, the scammer was taken aback. The fraudster responded that the ‘battery is dead’ and that the phone is too old to ring.

After informing the scammer that he could only provide £400, Michael inquired: “Soph, what’s your middle name?”

When the scammer asked why, Michael responded: “So I’m very sure it’s you, Soph.”

The person ceased responding at this moment.

After Michael’s stepson uploaded the chat on his social media account, screenshots of the exchange began to circulate online.

Michael now wants to spread the word about WhatsApp scams so that others don’t fall for them.

“I believed it was my sister when I was reading it with Mike, and then we found out it was a hoax, and I just felt that’s going to get someone,” Michael’s stepson said.

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