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Fact Check: Received RBI e-mail offering Rs 4.62 crores? Check the truth behind it

New Delhi: In the last few days, several Indians have been receiving e-mails allegedly sent by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The e-mail claims that people can receive Rs 4 crore and 62 lakhs by paying just Rs 12,500. 

However, according to Press Information Bureau (PIB), the mail is fake and e-mail users should remain cautious about such frauds. With the rising number of online fraud cases, the fake RBI e-mail appears to be a new way used by fraudsters to loot innocuous internet users. 

In a tweet made by PIB’s fact-checking handle @PIBFactCheck, the agency said, “An e-mail allegedly sent by RBI claims to offer Rs. 4 crores 62 lakhs on payment of Rs 12,500. #PIBFactCheck This e-mail is #Fake. @RBI does not send emails asking for personal information”. 

With the tweet, PIB attached a press release by the RBI. In the statement, RBI has urged people to remain safe from such emails, and should avoid sharing their personal details. The RBI has also urged users not to share their passwords and PINs with anyone. 

Steps To Getting Fact-Check Done By PIB:

Anyone can request the PIB to fact check images, videos and articles that could be misleading or fake. The agency fact-checks the content, and shares the results with the users. 

Here’s how you can get fact-check done by PIB: 

Go to the website and upload the image or video or article that you want to get fact-checked.

You can also send the image or video via message on Whatsapp number +91-8799711259. Also Read: WhatsApp admin? You may go to jail by doing THESE 5 things

Also, you can send the files via e-mail at the email address [email protected] Also Read: 7th Pay Commission: Change in base year, how will it impact Dearness Allowance?

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