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THESE iPads with wireless charging to debut in 2022

New Delhi: In 2022, Apple will upgrade three of its most popular iPad models: the iPad Air 5, iPad 10, and iPad Pro. Apple is preparing to deliver a new iPad Pro in 2022, according to various reports received by Mac Rumours, with a new design and wireless charging, as well as clarifying the company’s intention to produce new versions of the entry-level iPad and iPad Air.

Since 2017, Apple has produced new versions of the entry-level iPad every year, generally with minor features and processor updates to keep the device’s low price, thus a new version for 2022 is expected to follow in the footsteps of prior years.

There are currently no details on what the tenth-generation iPad might include.

Apple warns suppliers of weak demand for iPhone 13 lineup

According to Bloomberg News, Apple Inc has warned its parts suppliers that demand for the iPhone 13 series has slowed, indicating a drop in consumer interest in the highly sought-after latest updates.

Due to a global chip shortage, Apple had lowered production of the iPhone 13 by as many as 10 million units, down from a target of 90 million, but now it has notified vendors that even those figures are implausible, according to the report.

Apple’s stock dropped more than 3%, pushing down Qualcomm, Skyworks, Europe’s ASML, and Infineon, which provide iPhone components and semiconductors.

Apple and its suppliers did not respond to Reuters requests for comments.

The holiday season is Apple’s busiest quarter, and it’s especially so for its most significant product, iPhones, which range in price from $699 to $1,600.

Analysts predicted demand for new products to remain stable, but decreased shipment projections as supply-chain concerns plagued the company, as well as numerous merchants dealing with inventory shortages.

Consumers are now spending more on holidays and outdoor activities after splurging on new phones and laptops during the peak of the pandemic while they stayed indoors..

“As lockdowns eased, spending returned on these experiential activities, so may be less for the new iPhone. We believe that (iPhone) demand is likely to be pushed out in 2022,” Counterpoint Research analyst Tarun Pathak said.

IDC researcher Ryan Reith believes that, rather than demand for cellphones drying up, the pandemic is reducing consumer spending in the United States.

Even if demand for the new lineup was strong, Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook warned in October that the impact of supply limitations, which cost the firm $6 billion in sales in the fourth quarter, would be worse during the holiday season.

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