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Want to register your WhatsApp account? Here’s how to do it via a missed call

New Delhi: WhatsApp is one of the most extensively used messaging apps, and in order to use it, you must first register with your phone number. You must confirm that you own your phone number when creating a WhatsApp account or re-registering an existing account, which helps keep your account secure. You’ll need an active SIM card in your device for the phone number you’re registering, as well as a stable internet and cellular connection, to register your account successfully.

When you create a WhatsApp account, you will also see two separate screens. One screen is for registration, while the other is for two-step verification. When creating a new account or reregistering an existing account, the registration screen opens. 

You will be asked to input a 6-digit registration code issued to you through SMS or phone call to confirm that you possess the phone number. It’s vital to understand that the only method to activate your account is to validate your phone number with a registration code, and you must be able to receive the code on your phone.

After successfully registering your phone number on WhatsApp, the two-step verification screen opens. Two-step verification is an optional feature that makes your WhatsApp account more secure.

You can confirm that you possess your phone number by calling or sending an SMS. You can complete verification with a missed call from WhatsApp if you have the option to verify your account through phone call.

Managing permissions on Android

According to WhatsApp’s instructions, if you choose to register with a missed call, you must grant WhatsApp the following permissions:

Manage calls: Allows WhatsApp to end an incoming phone call automatically.

WhatsApp requires access to your call log so that we may perform a one-time check that you received the call.

You will receive a phone call after allowing both of these permissions, and WhatsApp will instantly stop the call to finish registration. You don’t have to accept the call, and you might not even notice it coming in. This will show up as a missed or rejected call from an unknown number in your call history.

You must verify your phone number by SMS if you opt to reject certain rights before finishing registration. To complete registration, enter the 6-digit registration code issued to you through SMS when prompted.

It can be noted that you can disable these permissions at any time. To disable permissions, navigate to your device’s Settings and tap Apps and notifications > WhatsApp > Permissions.

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