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Black Friday Sale: Beware! Fraudsters can take away your money using THIS trick; here’s how to remain safe

New Delhi: Shopping levels soared with the Black Friday discounts. However, online shoppers should be aware that fraudsters are keeping a watch on these buying trends and are targeting them in order to steal their credit card, debit card, and other personal information. They try to entice consumers with great discounts that aren’t real. Special attention is paid to bargain hunters. Microsoft has offered some advice and tactics to keep online shopping safe from fraudsters. According to a recent Microsoft survey, at least 63 percent of holiday shopping will take place online, so the advice to keep your credit card information safe is pertinent.

As per Microsoft’s survey, the two most significant factors for shoppers this year are price and availability. 54 percent of people are concerned about supply chain problems. One in five people is willing to buy their must-have holiday items from a third-party vendor, such as an auction or resale site. When purchasing online, less than half of those polled claim they think about the safety and security of their personal information.

If you believe that one of the most important things to consider when shopping online is safety and security, you may use the tips and tactics listed below to avoid online scams and keep your money safe. The following are a few basic steps that can help us all have a safer shopping experience:

1. Keep your password strong: According to the survey, weak passwords are the entrance point for the majority of attacks, with 579 password attacks occurring per second! As a result, it is recommended that you use a strong password.

2. Turn on multi factor authentication: Turn on multi factor authentication (MFA) if an account or service offers it. If someone else tries to log into your account, you’ll be warned via text, email, or another manner, and you’ll be able to stop them. Password assaults are blocked by MFA in over 99 percent of cases.

3. Use free, trusted tools: Microsoft Edge comes with a number of free tools that help you stay secure when shopping online. Password Monitor will inform you if any of your saved logins are hacked, allowing you to instantly update your password using Edge’s new one-click Easy Update function. As you create accounts to grab all those wonderful Christmas offers, Password Generator automatically provides a strong, unique password suggestion each time you need one.

4. Delete your password altogether: Remove your password entirely if feasible and replace it with a more secure method of authentication.

5. Too-good-to-be-true offers: With so many people concerned about availability, we all need to be extra cautious of scams that prey on our desire to give our loved ones the gifts they want. The offers may be appealing, but keep in mind that most offers that appear too good to be true are.

6. Avoid clicking on unexpected links. Instead, go to the official website and log in.

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