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Samsung Users Alert! Samsung will close their cloud services soon: Here’s how to save your data

New Delhi: Samsung Galaxy users are getting pop-up notifications to migrate their photos from Samsung Online, the company’s cloud storage. In addition, the corporation has issued a statement requesting that users delete their photographs from the cloud storage. If the user does not comply, the photographs will be destroyed after a certain period of time. 

The company had earlier released a statement saying, “Beginning on September 30, 2021, Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files will no longer be supported by Samsung Cloud and your data will be deleted, as explained further below. In addition. If you have a premium storage subscription plan, this will automatically be canceled beginning August 1, 2021 and a refund may be issued to you.”

Contacts, calendars, and photos are all backed up to Samsung’s cloud storage. The company has chosen to stop supplying image cloud storage and has asked its consumers to download any photographs saved in the cloud before it is deleted. Users can, however, continue to back up and sync their data, as well as restore Contacts, Calendars, and Notes.

Users are being prompted to either migrate their photographs to Microsoft OneDrive or download them all to their local smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Even before the deadline, downloading the data could result in the Samsung Cloud storage expiring. Gallery Sync, Drive, and Premium Storage subscription are among the features that will be discontinued.

How to keep your data safe

1. Integrate with OneDrive

Starting September 30, 2021, the user can link OneDrive with the device’s gallery without automatic data transfer support to Samsung Cloud via OneDrive.

However, depending on the country, carrier, and model, OneDrive Integration may not be available. As a result, users are left with only the second option.

2. Download Samsung Cloud images

Users will be able to download their gallery as well as data stored in Samsung Cloud to their personal storage. The OneDrive integration will not be available if you choose this option. Additionally, the option to download to local storage will only be accessible until September 30.

How to download: 

The ‘Download my data’ menu allows you to download cloud data. You can begin the download by going to the following link:

Samsung Cloud: Download my data

Gallery: More > Settings > Download content from cloud

The download begins when you click the download button after picking Gallery data or drive data. The notification bar can be used to monitor the download process. In the event of a cancellation, the full reservation is cancelled.

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