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Now Xiaomi phones will track earthquakes, send alerts in emergency

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has come up with a unique feature that may soon have the potential to alert you during an earthquake. The company has patented a new technology for smartphones that will help in identifying an earthquake, a report revealed.

The technology helps in monitoring the seismic activity with smartphone equipment and will eventually help users in detecting an earthquake through their phones. This will further be an add-on to Xiaomi’s existing earthquake warning system on MIUI which had warned about 35 earthquakes in China as of May 2021.

Earthquakes are one of the most dangerous natural disasters and the earthquake warning system technology used by Xiaomi in its new patent is called “Method and Equipment for Realizing Seismic Monitoring of Mobile Devices.”

As per the report, this new patent helps a smartphone to read or monitor seismic activity from mobile equipment. Patent number CN113406696A further explains how to transfer this data to an ‘earthquake processing centre’ that can eventually send back the data accessed by human users. Users can also avoid disasters to a certain extent.

Basically, this technology will use virtual seismic sensors to monitor and keep track of regions with seismic activity. The company might integrate the system into its smartphones in the future as part of the MIUI operating system, according to the report. 

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