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Unbelievable! One rupee coin fetches Rs 10 crore at online auction

People have a quirky passion for collecting old notes and coins and then selling them on the right platform so that they can get a good return. Recently, a one rupee coin was sold at an auction and it brought Rs 10 crore in return. This must be surprising but it is true at the same time.     

This rare coin fetched such a whopping amount and it was issued in 1885 during the British Raj in India. It is no less than a pucca lottery ticket. 

So if you have this passion for collecting old coins and currency, then this is a golden opportunity where you get a chance of earning millions and crores of rupees by just sitting at home.

People can create profiles on several websites where they will be able to sell their coins as well. One of these websites is CoinBazar where users can register and give basic details such as name, address, email, phone number and more. After the listing is entered, buyers will contact and then they can bargain on the asked amount.

Earlier, in June, a 1933 US coin was sold for $18.9 million (i.e. Rs. 138 crore) during an auction in New York.

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Source: Zee News