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Telegram adds video calls with up to 1000 viewers, video messages 2.0, video playback speed and more

New Delhi: Telegram has added group video calls to up to 1000 viewers. Video messages record in higher quality and can be expanded while regular videos may be watched at 0.5 or 2x speed. The messaging app has also added screen sharing with sound to all video calls, including 1-on-1 calls — and much more.

Group video calls allow up to 30 users broadcast video from both their camera and screen – and now 1000 people can watch anything from online lectures to live rap battles. Telegram said that it will keep increasing this limit “until all humans on Earth can join one group call and watch us yodel in celebration (coming soon).”

To start a Group Video Call, create a Voice Chat from the info page (in the ⋮ menu on Android) of any group where you are an admin – then turn your video on.

Video messages are a quick way to check in or share your surroundings without adding another video to your gallery. They now have higher resolution and you can tap on a video message to expand it and take in all those extra pixels.

According to the blogpost, tapping on an expanded video message pauses it and allows you to fast forward or rewind the message in case you missed a word.

To record a video message, tap the Screen sharing that has been added to 1-on-1 calls as well, and now includes the sound from your device when broadcasting in any video call.

When switching on video during any call, you can swipe to choose a camera or share your screen instead — and use the video preview to make sure that everything is perfect before going live, the company said.

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Source: Zee News