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You can now control your Honda City with ‘Ok Google’ voice commands

New Delhi: With the latest update of the Honda Connect system, Honda has brought important features to Honda City. The Honda Connect system has now started to support voice commands based on Google’s voice assistant. 

You can now command your Honda City by simply saying ‘Ok Google.’ The voice assistant responds to certain voice commands that can change the functions of the car such as turning the air conditioner on or off.  

However, the support for Google Assistant has been extended only to the fifth generation of Honda City. Customers of previous models of the sedan won’t be able to use Google Assistant to command their cars’ features. 

Honda City was initially launched with support only for Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. But with the latest update, the sedan now also supports Google Assistant. 

Using the Honda Action on Google feature, drivers or passengers can bring changes to 10 features. You can use any Google device such as Google Nest Speakers and Android phones to use the voice assistant. 

For using Google Assistant on the Honda Connect system, you need to say ‘Ok Google’ to start issuing your commands. You can easily set temperature, lock or unlock the doors, open boot, check status of tyre pressure, battery and fuel, among others, by using Google Assistant. Also Read: Amazon hit with $886 million EU data privacy fine 

Besides the newly added support for Google voice assistant, Honda has also introduced three other functionalities to its Honda Connect platform. With the latest revision, the platform now supports 36 functionalities. Also Read: LIC credit card launch: Earn 2X rewards on LIC premium payments, welcome bonus and more

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Source: Zee News