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Spotify’s ‘What’s New’ feed tracks latest music, podcast releases

Audio streaming platform Spotify has come up with a `What’s New` feed, which will deliver a series of updates to mobile app users focused on new releases.

`What’s New` is a new section in the Spotify app that eventually collects new music and content from musicians and podcasts users follow on the platform.

The feed, which is rolling out globally over the coming weeks on iOS and Android, will be accessible via a new bell icon on the top right of the app`s home screen.

A blue dot will show when there`s new content in the feed, and artists and podcasts can be added by tapping the `Follow` button on their respective pages.

“What’s New makes it easier than ever to catch all the latest songs and episodes from the creators you follow,” Spotify`s announcement said.”Plus, it’s even updated in real-time, so you know you`ll get to listen to new content just as it’s released,” the announcement continued.

Although the new feature works with music releases, the feed is likely to be most helpful for keeping up to date with podcasts. Despite Spotify`s big push into podcasts, its history as a music-focused service has meant that its apps aren’t particularly well suited for listening to episodic content. 

Dedicated podcasting apps, meanwhile, are designed around chronological feeds, making it easy to see when new episodes are available. The content in the What’s New feed is populated based on artists and shows that you follow on Spotify.

To manage followers, head to artist and show pages in the Spotify app and tap `Follow`. This will make sure all of their new releases appear in your What`s New feed over time. 

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