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WhatsApp Update: Now users can join ongoing group call if missed

Popular messaging app WhatsApp’s group call feature has seen an update now as it has come up and not only that, it has an updated functionality too. 

Previously, it was required to add users to a group video call if he/she missed the call. However, now that has been updated as it allows users to join an ongoing call from the ‘Calls’ tab.

Any group member who missed a call can immediately join or enter the call by just clicking on the button now. 

Each and every member of the group will get a call when dialed and after someone picks up the call, they get hold of the entire screen, and then one by one other member will also be joined in the call but in separate windows. 

Each member will get a ring for quite some time and then if someone misses it, he/she will just have to click on the ‘Calls’ tab to get on the group video call.

Besides this, the group call window functions buttons on the screen for mute, camera switch, video on/off, and declining the call have now been placed in a floating taskbar at the bottom.

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