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Google’s upcoming health app will allow users to manage medical records, share them with family

Tech giant Google is said to come up with a health app that will eventually help in managing all the medical records of a person in a single place. The upcoming app will reportedly have similar features like Apple’s health app, cumulating and sharing health data with others.

According to a report, a leaked screenshot divulged the information that Google is planning to come up with an app like this. The app description mentions “a unified view of your health,” the data pulled out from the person’s visits to the doctors, labs and more such healthcare facilities.

The process would include users linking their accounts from places where they have got their healthcare. Then the app is said to source the health data of the user from these establishments and then it will display the data on the phone. 

This type of data is primarily for those who make frequent visits to hospitals and it will further help in sharing the medical record with their doctors for utmost clarity on their health patterns.

A tipster named Ishan Agarwal revealed in the leak that the app is currently in the early stages of development and therefore, it is unclear whether it will be launched or not.

The app further comes with menus for profile pages, records, contacts, and sharing which basically means that the app will help in sharing the data with their loved ones. Besides that, it will also ask for contacts and sharing permission from the user.

The upcoming Health app by Google will be made available for Android devices first and then to iOS. 

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