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Want to watch movies while travelling? Here’s how to download it from Netflix to watch them later

Are you planning to travel long distances? If yes, then you have to spend time listening to good music or watching good movies or shows on Netflix. While you are traveling, there are high chances that you will face a disrupted internet connection and for that, you have to download shows on Netflix beforehand so that you can enjoy them while traveling. 

Most music streaming apps have the option to download on the pay and stream option which means you are not on the free version and you can download shows or movies on Netflix.

However, it is important to know that Netflix allows you to download certain shows and movies, but not all of them. Also, the shows can be downloaded on your smartphone or your tablet via the Netflix app. This download option does not work for smart TVs, gaming consoles, or your computer.

Here’s How to download shows/movies on Netflix

  • – Open the Netflix app and choose the show you want to download. You will get several options where it will be mentioned that you cannot download this particular show or movie.
  • – If the show/movie can be downloaded, go to the details page.
  • – Tap on the download button. After that the downward-pointing arrow icon will change into a timer to indicate that the download process is on and its speed will depend on the internet connection.
  • Once it is downloaded, you will see the icon change to one that looks like a mobile device.
  • – Meanwhile, movies on Netflix can be downloaded at one go, but for shows, you have to download every episode individually. There is no option to download an entire season (yeah, we wish there was!).

The Netflix content cannot be downloaded due to licensing issues and For those you cannot download, you will have to watch them online. Also, your downloaded content is not going to be on your device forever, it is there for a limited time. You will need to ensure you watch this stuff soon before Netflix removes them.

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