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Now Facebook will help Zara sell clothes via video games

Fashion brand Zara has found out a new way to market its clothes. It has collaborated with Facebook and Instagram to make a video game “Pacific Game” to further attract young buyers towards its brand. 

Last year, the e-commerce platform brought a third of Inditex’s revenue and a chunk of the $3 billion.

This is primarily done to bring more eyeballs to its clothing lineup and it will bring more traffic to its websites, increase the downloading of the mobile apps and offer more fun ways to distribute discount codes.

The Pull & Bear retro-style caper witnesses shoppers travel from California to Tokyo to collect clothes and avoid obstacles along the way. Meanwhile, players control the character by turning their faces. The game is accessed from Pull & Bear’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and website.

Luxury brand Burberry Group Plc launched a surfing video game as part of its TB Summer Monogram campaign fronted by Kendall Jenner last year.

“It’s about adding that extra piece of magic to a brand so that you’re memorable in the minds of your audience,” said Tim Cooper, director of brand game maker Peek & Poke, told Bloomberg.

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