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PUBG gamers beware! Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration, download links on internet are fake

New Delhi: Indian gamers may need to brace themselves, as Krafton has finally announced that registrations for the new PUBG avatar will open on May 18. The wait is finally over, officially. 

However, since the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the internet has been flooded with fake links to pre-registrations and malicious APK download links for the game, courtesy of fraudsters who are trying to milk the impatience of the gamers. 

Gamers may need to remain beware of these links and all of them are fake because Krafton is yet to publish any link to pre-registration. Forget about the game download links. According to a report by SportsKeeda, all pre-registration links and APK files on the internet are fake. 

Therefore, gamers should note that they should not install any APK file masquerading as Battlegrounds Mobile India game. They shouldn’t even open unofficial links to pre-registrations. 

Cybersecurity experts say that downloading these files could infect your device with malware or in worse cases, it could lead to your personal data getting stolen by hackers who created the malicious links or APK files.   

“BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, a battle royale experience, will have a period of pre-registration before the launch,” Krafton had said while revealing the game. Battlegrounds Mobile India will release exclusive in-game events like outfits and features and will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues. The game will launch as a free-to-play experience on mobile devices.

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Source: Zee News