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Now WhatsApp on desktop will work without an active mobile connection

Every messaging platform wants to be active on desktop too along with mobile and other platforms. Social media platforms like Signal, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger have this feature where you can get connected on the desktop.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp comes with a web client which needs users to be connected to a smartphone, but with the recent beta releases, it will soon be a thing of the past.

As per the report by HackRead,  WhatsApp may not ask for scanning of QR codes on your laptop or desktop as a new beta test for the WhatsApp Web interface drops the need for an active mobile device.

It functions in a way that after you log in to the recent beta builds of WhatsApp Web, users see a message that informs them that they don’t need to keep their phone connected to use WhatsApp’s desktop app, the web app, or Portal, according to the report. But only four devices will be able to use the feature at a time.

WhatsApp has not officially declared the release date of the app but users will soon be able to chat with their contacts on their desktop PCs without an internet connection.

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