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Shocking! UK woman orders an iPhone 12 Pro Max, receives a broken tile instead

What if you order an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max and get a tile instead? A shocking incident happened with a woman in the UK who is said to have received a broken tile instead of an iPhone 12 Pro Max in the box. 

This brought utter distress to Olivia Parkinson, the UK woman who had the misfortune to not get the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Things unfolded in a way that when she opened the door to collect the iPhone, she found out the box didn’t have a shiny new Apple device. Instead, there was a broken tile and it looked like someone wanted to add insult to injury.

Initially, Parkinson received a cold shoulder from Virgin Media and was told she was liable for the lost iPhone. However, when netizens on Twitter raised voices that she should get back the money, then Virgin Media agreed that something was amiss and refunded Parkinson for her loss.

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Source: Zee News