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CoWIN portal receives new four-digit security code to reduce frauds and errors: Here’s how it works

As and when COVID-19 cases are rising in India, people are desperate to take vaccinations for themselves. For that to happen, one needs to visit the website to book their slots. Now,  CoWIN has got a four-digit secure code for the smooth experience of vaccination.

The new CoWIN four-digit security code promises to cut down erroneously generated vaccination certificates and also keep scammers and fraudsters away from them.

According to a report, the vaccination certificate will be generated after the code is given to the authorities at vaccination centres. The whole rationale behind this is to reduce errors in the generation of vaccination certificates.

Here’s how does the new four-digit security code work:

One needs to visit the COWIN app to book vaccine slots and after the slot gets confirmed, a four-digit security code will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number through text message. It is important for an individual to keep the code safe and not share with anyone. The day one goes for vaccination, it is advisable to share the code with the vaccination centre for proper authentication.

Here’s a quick look at the entire vaccination process:

  • Go to CoWIN portal
  • Register your mobile number by submitting your contact details and then submit the OTP you get via SMS. If you have already registered, just sign in with the required credentials.
  • Then choose the residence state and district. If you know the PIN code of the nearest vaccination centre, you can just enter that.
  • You will now be able to see all nearby vaccination centres and slots available in them
  • Click on the green slot of preference, select a time slot and confirm the booking
  • You will then be issued a four-digit security code on your SMS inbox
  • On the vaccination day, you will need to produce the security code to validate your booking.
  • Once you are vaccinated, login to CoWIN portal and download your vaccine certificate.

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Source: Zee News