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PUBG Vs Battlegrounds Mobile: Here are the key differences between the two titles

We all know that PUBG Mobile India is officially making a comeback in India with a new name: Battlegrounds Mobile India. The developer behind PUBG Mobile India, Krafton, will be launching Battlegrounds Mobile India, and is likely to address all the concerns raised by the Indian government. 

While both the games appear similar to each other at the first sight, there are major changes that are all set to change the PUBG experience for us, for good or bad. 

PUBG Mobile India Vs Battlegrounds Mobile India: Here are a few changes between the two games: 

Battlegrounds Mobile India: A whole new experience 

On its official website, Krafton has revealed that Battleground Mobile India will have its separate, exclusive in-game events and esports ecosystem. This could mean that the events in the game will be based on Indian themes. Krafton is already in talks with industry stakeholders to build an India-based esports ecosystem.  

An Indian twist 

You can also expect Indian outfits and other resemblance, since the Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available only in India, unlike PUBG Mobile, which is available in many countries. 

Privacy first 

Since PUBG Mobile India was banned by the Indian government due to privacy and safety concerns, Krafton’s top priority has to be its gamers privacy with the upcoming game. The Korea-based company has already announced that it’s all set to work with partners that will ensure the data protection of its gamers. 

“This will ensure privacy rights are respected, and all data collection and storage will be in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in India and for players here,” Krafton said.

More restrictions for teens 

For Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers below 18 years of age, Krafton has already announced several restrictions. Everyone below 18 in India will have to get consent from their parents to play Battlegrounds Mobile India. They will also have to share the number of their parent for confirmation purposes, so that they can become eligible to play the game. 

Registration first

You have to fill the pre-registration form if you want to play Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton will be opening up the pre-registration link before the game launch. 

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