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Facebook unveils new features for Instagram and Messenger: Check how it works

Mark Zuckerberg owned Facebook has come up with a lot of new features for Messenger and Instagram which include two new chat themes, hands-free audio recording, new seen status, and more. 

The two new chat themes of Messenger and Instagram include- Star Wars and Netflix’s Selena: The Series and these can be activated from the chat settings under ‘Theme’. 

Besides that, users of Instagram will be able to send a visual reply in DMs. This feature is already available in Stories, and it allows users to send a reply with another photo or video. This feature is only for iOS now and it will soon be launched on Android.

Now it has become easier to send audio messages on Messenger as you just have to tap the microphone button and record your message hands-free. A similar feature will be unveiled on Instagram too. For now, its users can only see if their messages have been read. 

Meanwhile, Instagram has this feature that lets users see when their message has been “seen”. For instance, it will show if your message was “seen now” or “seen 7h ago”. 

On Messenger, Facebook has come up with “swipe to archive” which basically allows users to easily archive chats. Besides that, there’s a new ‘Archived Chats’ folder on Messenger so users can find all their archived chats in one place. 

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