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iPhone 6 battery explosion! Customer sues Apple for THIS reason

We hardly hear any news about iPhone explosions. However, in one such case, a customer is now suing Apple for allegedly selling defective batteries after his iPhone 6 exploded in 2019. 

The man named Robert Franklin, a resident of Texas, US, is also alleging that Apple also violated its warranty promises, as the smartphone blew in his face a couple of years ago.  

He has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on Thursday, according to a report by Appleinsider. The lawsuit reportedly declares that the iPhone 6’s battery “contains a defect which makes it unable to reliably perform its function.”

Franklin is asking Apple to pay him damages for the allegedly defective iPhone 6 and its battery and incidental damages for replacement devices. He is also seeking attorneys’ fees and court costs with his lawsuit against one of the most valuable companies in the world. 

The lawsuit reads, “Robert Franklin was listening to music on his iPhone 6 when he noticed the music playing on his iPhone began to skip. As he picked up his iPhone to investigate, [it] suddenly exploded and caught fire in his face.”

It also claims that Apple sold unmerchantable products, which is in violation of Texas law. It is important to note that Apple launched iPhone 6 in 2015 and Franklin bought the smartphone in 2018, a year before the explosion incident. 

Way back in 2018, Apple faced an iPad battery explosion. After which, the company had to shut down its Amsterdam store. The store was evacuated as a precautionary measure and three employees who reportedly experienced trouble breathing were treated.

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Source: Zee News