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Facebook users, here’s how to find who is stalking your profile

Have you ever wondered if you could find out who all visited your Facebook profile? If yes, then you can find your online stalkers by following a few simple steps. Currently, there are two ways using which you can find which friends are stalking your Facebook profile. However, one of the options is limited to only iOS users of the Facebook app. 

Here’s how you can find who visited your Facebook profile: 

Option 1 for iOS users: 

Facebook is offering the facility to iOS users to find out who visiter their profile on its flagship app within the ‘Privacy’ settings. If you are an iOS user, all you need to do is go to Privacy Shortcuts, wherein you need to select the “Who viewed my profile” option. 

Upon selecting the option, you can find out who all stalked your Facebook profile. However, the catch here is that you won’t be able to find it when your Facebook friend visited your profile. 

The feature is available to iOS users since 2018. However, the social media giant is yet to roll out the feature for Android users. The company hasn’t officially even revealed when or if it’s planning to bring the feature for Android customers.  

Option 2 for all users: 

For the second method, Facebook users can use any browser on their desktops or laptops to find who stalked their profile. 

1. All they need to do is visit and right-click on the web page. 

2. From all the selected options, users need to click on ‘View Page Source’. 

3. Search for BUDDY_ID. Alongside, the BUDDY_ID tag, you’ll find a 15-digit number, which is basically the Facebook profile ID of all your friends who have visited your profile. 

4. In the next step, go to digit profile ID and click Enter. You’ll be able to see the Facebook profile of the friend who stalked your profile.

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