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Google alert! Two-factor authentication may get automatically enabled to your account

In a bid to secure its platforms, Google is enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) by default for a few user accounts soon, the tech giant announced in its official blog. Mark Risher, Director of Product Management, Identity and User Security at Google said in a blog post that soon the company will start automatically enrolling users in 2SV if their accounts are appropriately configured. 

The move is taken to protect its users from online threats. Users who believe that their passwords are secure or complex might also get their accounts 2FA secured. In case, Google activates 2FA authentication to your account, don’t imply that your password was weak. You can anyway check the security status of your account in Google’s Security Checkup.

In the blog, Google explained that 2FA is one of the best ways one can protect their account from data breaches. In case, you have an easily guessable password or an easy one for bots, you can secure your account by having another verification in place. And that’s where 2FA comes in handy. 

For validating 2FA, users will have to enter their passwords along with a simple tap via a Google prompt on their phone whenever they sign in. “Using their mobile device to sign in gives people a safer and more secure authentication experience than passwords alone,” Google said. 

Google noted that more people are now getting worried if their passwords are secure or not. Last year only, searches for “how strong is my password” increased by 300%. “Unfortunately, even the strongest passwords can be compromised and used by an attacker – that’s why we invested in security controls that prevent you from using weak or compromised passwords,” the tech giant explained. 

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Source: Zee News