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Fireside, desi answer to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, launched by Chingari founders

Chingari founders have launched Fireside, a homegrown version of audio-only social media platform Clubhouse that got wildly popular in the past few months. The ‘Made in India’ app is launched at a time when people are staying indoors, consuming more media than ever before. 

The app is being touted as the first voice-based social platform from India. However, an Indian app named Leher, another audio-only social media platform was rolled out much before Fireside’s launch.  

Moreover, it has already got a long list of competitors, including deep-pocketed Facebook and Twitter. The former recently made available a modified Instagram Live option to let users enjoy a Clubhouse-like experience on the photo-sharing app. Meanwhile, the latter also officially rolled out Twitter Spaces, its own Clubhouse rival, which lets any user with over 600 followers start his/her own audio space on the microblogging platform. 

One of the secret sauce behind Clubhouse’s rise was its iOS-only approach and exclusivity which allowed new users to join the platform on an invite-only basis. The newly launched app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, tapping in on the vast opportunity left by Clubhouse. 

On Google Play, Fireside’s listing reads, “ The Fireside app is a social networking app that lets you follow and form connections with like-minded individuals. It lets you share your thoughts and synergize on enriching ideas. Empower yourself with worldwide connections that will add value to your professional and personal life.” 

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Source: Zee News