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CERT-In issues warning to WhatsApp users: Here’s why it is important to update the app immediately

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has been at the eye of the storm for quite some time, sometimes for its privacy policies and features. Now, India’s cybersecurity agency CERT-In (or the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) has warned all the WhatsApp users against all the vulnerabilities that they could face and it will have a negative impact on users’ privacy and personal data.

According to a report, this has been identified on both iOS and Android platforms and will affect both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business clients. People who are using version v2.21.4.18 and older on Android are affected by the vulnerability, while users on version 2.21.32 and older on iOS are also affected.

The cybersecurity agency further stated that other than these, there were several vulnerabilities that were reported in the WhatsApp apps which could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code or access sensitive information on a targeted system. 

It also revealed that these flaws came up due to a “cache configuration issue” on WhatsApp and “a missing bounds check within the audio decoding pipeline”.

It is advisable for users to update their WhatsApp app to the latest version.

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