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TRAI implement new SMS template, disturbs OTP services

A lot of consumers might be facing challenges when it comes to receiving the One Time Password(OTPs). This has happened because of the implementation of a new SMS template by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI).

After so many delays, big institutions of India haven’t taken the interest to comply with the regulatory standards because of which their SMSes aren’t being delivered to the customers.

TRAI has directed the telcos to implement the new SMS template, and it has been live since midnight of March 8, 2021.

Earlier, the telecom industry was not ready for this change and therefore, it led to the delay in the implementation of the new SMS template. 

But now that it has been implemented, the companies are paying the price for delaying since none of their important messages or OTPs is being delivered to their customers.

This comes in the backdrop of a lot of SMS frauds and to rap on the knuckle of SMS frauds, the telecom operators have been asked to check the header and the footer of every commercial SMS that originates from a registered source. The operators will be using blockchain technology to verify this, and any unregistered SMS template will be blocked.

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Source: Zee News