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Want Netflix to automatically download your favourite show? Check out the new feature

Netflix has unveiled a new feature called “Downloads For You” which will automatically download recommended shows or movies based on an individual’s choices. Currently, this feature is available on Android and Netflix will soon start testing it on iOS.

This feature is optional for users as it can be turned on/off anytime from the Smart Downloads menu. The downloading of your favourite show happens when the device is on a WiFi connection. There’s also an option to allocate storage for these automatic downloads, and different storage can be set for each profile on the same Netflix account.

Netflix is giving users the option of setting a storage limit of 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB.

How to turn on Downloads For You

Open the Downloads tab on your device, and toggle on Downloads For You.

Select the amount of content you want to be downloaded to your device, and then select ‘Turn On’.

Also, the shows or movies that are being downloaded can be found under Smart Downloads. Also, this feature is a part of Smart Downloads that automatically deletes and downloads the next episode of the series. 

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Source: Zee News