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Beware! Hackers waiting to log into your WhatsApp account: Here’s how to keep it safe

WhatsApp which has been a talking point for quite some time has found itself again in trouble for the user’s safety as hackers have new ways to get access to a user’s WhatsApp account and few people have already suffered from that. If you want someone not to hack your WhatsApp account, then immediately make the necessary changes in your settings.

As per the cybersecurity expert Zak Doffman,  hackers will log your WhatsApp in their device and gather whatever information they want to steal. The cyber expert has explained this method in detail.

Whenever a user logs in to a WhatsApp account on a new device, WhatsApp sends a verification SMS to your registered phone number and if a fraudster has your phone in his hand and has set the setting to show the Preview of SMS on the lock screen, then you may be in great danger.

Besides this, many such malware has come these days, through which hackers can get this 6 digit code that comes on your phone. As soon as you enter this code, your WhatsApp account will be logged on their device. By using your account, fraudsters can ask for money from people close to you. This scam has been reported earlier also and to avoid such things to happen, here’s what you can do with your WhatsApp settings 

How to activate this setting:

To activate two-step verification, you have to open your WhatsApp.

After this go to Settings and then Account.

Here you will see an option named Two-Step Verification.

After selecting Enable, set a code of your choice.

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